Jubilee  - Over forty-five years ago, Maze Jackson and Ralph Sexton Sr. met to talk about the Jubilee. The discussion centered on the need for God’s people to come together for spiritual renewal but also included the sad truth that the church in Georgia couldn’t host future meetings.

In 1969, Trinity Baptist Church made the commitment to minister to other churches as well as to our own church family, knowing that the act of service, the act of sacrifice, and the ministry to others is the Heart of God.

Church family, you have been faithful to pray, to work, and to give. We have prayed and planned together. Today, we start serving others together! That is how the Jubilee continues again this year!

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July 27-July 30
Land of the Sky Jubilee
S – 8:15, 10:45, and 5:00
M-W – 10:00 and 6:30
Printable Schedule

July 30
a.m. – Larry Sprouse, Stanley Adcock,
Tom Gilliam, and the Rochesters

p.m. – The Rochesters, Greg Lentz, Randy Hobbs

July 31
Ladies’ Bible Study

August 1
Church Office Closed
Gifted Hands

August 2
Gifted Hands

August 3
Special Guest – Dr. David Gibbs

August 10-13
Vacation Bible School

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