From our Pastor – The Love of Nature
How many times have our pets been the bright spot in a bad day? How many times have you cracked a smile or laughed out loud at the antics of one of your pets?

Have you ever been amazed at the power of a whale or the sight of a pod of dolphins? Some-times the tiny wings of a hummingbird or the color of a goldfinch will turn your head and cause you to pause.

All of these animals are part of the creation of our God. What a mighty God we serve! A God that loved us so much that He gave His Son for our salvation. A God that will never leave us alone or allow the “wicked one” to break His love for us.

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September 14
Special Guests
C.T. & Becky Townsend

AWANA & Compass at 5

September 16
Happy Hearts Trip
Ladies’ Heart for Health

September 17
Men’s Bible Study
Midweek Meal & Refueling

September 18
Ladies’ Bible Study
Ladies’ Heart for Health

Looking Ahead
October 5

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