Mission Statement

The purpose of Trinity Baptist Church in Asheville, NCĀ  shall be to expound the Word of God, evangelize the lost, edify and equip the saints, encourage the weak and exemplify the Lord Jesus Christ until He comes.

This shall be accomplished by faithfully preaching the Word of God from the pulpit, and teaching, line upon line and precept upon precept, in the classroom. This shall also be accomplished by local church visitation, outreach ministry as well as supporting missionaries and evangelists who are faithful messengers of God’s Word to the lost world.

We will continue to edify and equip the saints by teaching Bible doctrines as delineated in the church’s doctrinal statement. We will do this through Adult Bible Classes, Children and Teen Classes and a scriptural Discipleship Program. We shall endeavor to encourage the weak through the reconciling of families and the backslider through counseling and accountability to the church body.

Our ultimate goal is to exemplify our Lord Jesus Christ in our stewardship, fellowship, and discipleship.