Trinity Baptist Church was established on October 16, 1966 on State Street in West Asheville. Later the congregation purchased several acres of property on Shelburne Road in Asheville, North Carolina where the Zephyr Hill Sanitarium once stood. With 60 members under the direction of Rev. Ralph Sexton, Sr. as the Pastor and Dr. James A. Stewart as the Honorary Pastor, a building for the church was built on the following: “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” Psalm 127:1,

The church family experienced joyful times as the men met on Saturdays to tear down the sanitarium and the women brought home-cooked food for lunch. New construction began August 6, 1970, and as soon as the basement was completed, it was used for meetings.

For thirteen years, Dr. Ralph Sexton, Jr. served on the staff of Trinity Baptist Church as Youth Pastor and Staff Evangelist. In April 1988, upon his father’s resignation as Pastor, Dr. Sexton became the Pastor. As the Lord continued to work, missions outreach was increased both home and abroad through the faith promise giving of the church family. In caring for all age groups of the family, several buildings have been erected: the Family Life Center was built, housing offices, a kitchen, a fellowship room and a gymnasium to provide a place for fun, food and fellowship for the whole family. Most recently the “Baby Palace” was built to meet the need for nursery space for the growing families of the church.

That the family may grow in the knowledge of God, educational ministries have been made available not only through the preaching of the Word, but through a graded Sunday School program and AWANA activities. A Bible Institute was started under the direction of Dr. Bill Day and in 1993 it became Trinity Baptist Bible College. The purpose of the college was to give a Biblical basis for men and women who wished to devote their lives to the ministry of learning to serve.

The Lord has brought godly men into the church to assist the Pastor in ministering to a growing family. He has also given opportunity to witness His working in the lives of people through special meetings like the Annual Missions Conference, Annual Bible Conference, Prophecy Conferences, and especially “The Land of the Sky Jubilee.”