God has blessed our church and our families with a wonderful year!  We have so much to be thankful for… even the things that hurt.

As we studied the book of Acts Wednesday night, it was apparent that God has a plan.  A plan for you, your family, and friends.  He (God) is large and in charge!  Yet, at the same time He is a compassionate, caring father and friend.  He knows what hurts and still uses it for His glory while protecting us. 

We can be thankful for the promises of His Word.  The promises of His care, His provision, His presence, and even the passage that, “God dwells in the thick darkness.”  So dark we can’t see Him or His plan, yet…He is There. 

Our God loves us and He is a personal God.  We have so much to be thankful for…  God is not a stone idol or a plastic Jesus on the dash of our cars.  God is a living Lord with ears to hear and hands to reach out to touch.

We are thankful for His provision, above and beyond what we can even ask. The Bible teaches us that He even hears before we call!

We are thankful for His presence.  He abides in us and we abide in Him.  Jesus is a friend that knows all about me and loves me anyway.  We have so much to be thankful for in our lives. 

We have the Lord and we have each other.  We are blessed!

There is great joy in serving Jesus, and there can be great peace in living every day for the Lord.  Don’t be afraid to give Jesus your everything.  

Pastor D.L. Moody said, “Let God have your life;  He can do more with it than you can.” 

You are loved

Pastor Ralph

John 3:30

We welcome each one of you to Trinity today as we honor and thank our Veterans for their service to our nation. Following the 10:45 service we will be providing a meal for each veteran and their family. Remember, FREEDOM ISN’T FREE; THANK OUR VETERANS!!

In II Timothy 2:1-4 we are admonished to, “…endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.”  In verse 4, Paul tells us to please Him who hath chosen us to be a soldier.  In God’s Word we have a plan and path to live the life of a good soldier even in these confusing, chaotic and hard times.   

As a church family, a group of soldiers for Christ, let us work together to:

· Be tough, strong, endure— II Timothy 2:3, II Corinthians 6

· Obey, trust our commander—John 14:15, John 15:14, Ephesians 6

· Teach others of the Gospel— II Timothy 2:2

November is the month that we focus on our Faith Promise Mission Program.  Trinity works together in supporting over 150 ministries carrying the Gospel around the world.  We will hear from several of our missionaries throughout the remainder of the month and on Sunday, November 24th, we will collect our Faith Promise Giving cards to determine our missionary giving for 2020.  Let’ pray for the Lord to increase our faith and our sharing. 

We welcome back our Holy Land Travelers!  Our church family is anxious to hear of your experiences as you walked where Jesus walks!

Working together,

Dwight Parrish

Praise the Lord for a wonderful spirit of revival and renewal!  This past couple of weeks have blessed our lives and encouraged our hearts to be faithful.  

Rejoice with me in these wonderful examples:  The men of our church meeting together to go up on the mountain to pray, our ladies meeting to pray with the men and women of the Bible Institute, the powerful victories in Celebrate Recovery, God saving two young ladies (ages 16 & 18) last Wednesday evening, 12 powerful hours of prayer together, new members, and last Sunday night the baptism of 5 people taking new walks of public faith.

WOW! God is so good to us! We have been blessed and we are careful to give Him all the glory.

When you read this note, we will be in Israel traveling through Cana and Mt. Carmel. 

Sunday Morning noon at Trinity will be Sunday evening at 6:00 PM in the Holy Land.  Please pray for our group of Bible Students.   We have 3 buses this year and are very thankful for this great opportunity.

Please pray for Evangelist Greg Lentz this morning as we celebrate November as Missions Month.  We start today with Brother Greg Lentz and Hearts with Hands.  I know you will be blessed with the report today and the preaching of Brother Greg.

Thank you for being faithful.  Life is too short not to give our Lord all of our heart and strength!  

You are loved, 

Pastor Ralph/ John 3:30

Thank you so much for supporting the night of prayer for our church!

What a wonderful opportunity for us to be together as a church family for 12 hours, praying for each other.

Every ½ hour there was a new area of ministry to pray over.  Our prayer service began at 7:00 PM and then at 8:00 PM our first focused prayer was Praying for our Future.

We continued praying together every 30 minutes for:

1. Sick & Shut In                                                                                              

2. Young at Heart Ministry                                                                   

3. Our Pastors and Leadership                                                                       

4. Our Missions Outreach                                                                                

5. Our Ladies Ministry                                                                          

6. Our Children’s Ministry                                                                                

7. Our Youth Ministry                                                                           

8. Our Singles Ministry                                                                         

9. Our Couples & Families Ministry                                                     

10. Our Music Ministry

…all these plus many more, every 30 minutes for 12 hours!

We are agreeing in prayer.  The Bible teaches about 2 or 3 agreeing together, in faith believing.

James wrote in the New Testament that, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”  This shows us the power of prayer as we pray together for the problems we can’t solve.  God Can!

We are praying for our marriages, our children, our church and our country.

The ultimate prayer,  “Wilt thou not revive us again:” and the prayer of II Chronicles 7:14,  “If my people…pray and seek MY FACE…”  We are seeking the face of God.

It all begins with YOU!  No one can say your prayers for you.  This is individual       personal commitment.

“I will pray, by the help of the Lord,”  “I will become a person who will pray.”

You are loved. Please pray for me!

Pastor Ralph

This year’s theme for our Student Ministry Fall Retreat is Encounter.  It is truly amazing what happens when you disconnect a teenager from the world for a few days and connect them to an environment where they can have a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit.  I am not talking about emotionalism or manufactured life change, but a true convicting and life-altering encounter with the Holy Spirit of God. I understand that my programs, events, games and attempts to be relevant for this generation will never produce real life change.  But I believe in my heart of hearts that when a teenager gets a taste of what the Holy Spirit can do for them, they will never be satisfied with complacent Christianity. 

Thank you, church, for your investment in the next generation. I am honored and privileged to be part of a church that has a passion for the Gospel today and a vision for the Gospel tomorrow.  May we all encounter, afresh and anew, the Holy Spirit in our lives, and pray that we never take it for granted.

Praying together,

Pastor Nathan Hawkins