Christmas Day

We gather at Christmas time to remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season and to share a smile and a greeting of Merry Christmas.

We decorate our yards with Christmas lights and mangers telling His Story.

We celebrate in our homes with family and friends.  We work together to decorate the Christmas tree or to find the Christmas star to the top the tree.

Some gather in the kitchen for last minute dishes or just to sample all the wonderful Christmas goodies.

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year!  We remember the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Because Jesus came and became the Light of the World, we remember others.

It is not about us!  It is all about Him and His words for us to love one another.  That caring and sharing is the joy of Christmas.

Sunday, December 25, 2016 we had the special blessing of being in church on His birthday.  What a wonderful time to be in church with our friends, our families, and Jesus on Christmas Day!

Muzette and I want to thank you for the beautiful Christmas cards, goodies, gift cards and food.  You have blessed our lives.  We thank you so very much!

You are loved,


Pastor and Muzette

Happy New Year

Part of our New Year’s celebrations includes New Year Resolutions. Let’s dust off the failed resolutions of 2014 and give them another chance in 2015! There is something in our nature that likes and desires a clean slate, a clean piece of paper, or a “mulligan” (chance to hit it again.)

We serve a living Lord that is well aware of real life, including the problems we face every day with family, friends and jobs. Though we are Bible Believers, we are just people, common clay with feelings and emotions. Jesus wants us to be blessed and happy in our salvation. We are to be growing in our faith, our relationship, our finances and our walk with the Lord, Jesus Christ!

Every so often we have opportunities to hit the “reset” button spiritually as the Lord burdens our heart and visits with us in His Word and prayer. Sometimes it might be in a revival meeting or a special event, but each of these is given for an opportunity to pray and to vow to do better!

New Year’s Day is the perfect platform to start over with some good habits. Let’s start by growing in our walk with Jesus each day. Don’t forget that a church is also a living, growing and learning body of believers. We want to do more for Jesus than ever so let’s continue to pray and learn and grow in better service to the Lord!
Thank you for being faithful and for all you do for our church as we grow and go forward in 2015!

“The Value of What Matters”

News reports frequently carry stories of people who get into trouble or are even jailed because of “things.” One recent story involved Air Jordan tennis shoes and another was about a young man stealing the cell phone of a lady just killed in an accident. We need to remember what matters in life, especially the value of our family, our friends and our faith.

Experts tell us that we need to repeat a certain behavior for 21 days to develop a good habit. So give each family member a hug for 21 days in a row, to become a habit. Pray for your wife or husband every day, pray for your children and friends by name to develop the good habit!

Think about what really matters in the light of eternity. What matters? A hundred years from today, will this thing or this worry on my mind really matter?

Our families will matter and their relationship with the Lord will matter. It matters where they will spend eternity! Each life and soul has value.

familyLet’s take time to determine what we can do to change the lives of the people we love.
Look for opportunities for new good habits, like trying to eat dinner together as a family for seven days in a row. Take each of your children and grand-children out to breakfast (individually) for a year. Take your spouse out on a “dialogue date” (that means turning off the phone and talking to each other.) You could even pick two or three nights a week to have no internet or TV in your evening, just the value of people in your life. More to come!

Today is the day to VOTE!

A message from Pastor Sexton about today’s election! Please take time to vote on November 4!
(This message was first posted on Facebook.)

Go Vote Today from Trinity Baptist Church-AVL on Vimeo.

Being Salt & Giving Light

During this past week we have witnessed God blessing our church with a powerful time in His Word. The scriptures confirm God’s love for us, as well as the fact that God has a plan for us. When we take time to think and to reflect, we see God’s Gift of Freedom that He has provided to us.
There is a sense of urgency when we see our country and the moral condition of our community. We must reaffirm our faith and renew our efforts to be “salt”.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus said that we, the followers of Christ, are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. The salt represents our lives in our community, school, and work place. The salt is to preserve, heal and to keep healthy. That salty taste is to be exhibited in all that we do, and in the morals, faith, and values that we preserve for another generation.

The light that Jesus speaks of in His teaching is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, where He tells us, “…Ye are the light of the world.” This world is in darkness and has no hope! Jesus said if we live faithful in front of men, we can offer Hope and Help as we light their way toward Jesus.
Please! Please! Protect our freedoms! Protect the right to meet together! Protect the right to free speech! Protect our religious freedoms!