Adult Sunday School Mission Statement

But now that we have been redeemed, have His mercy and grace and the Holy Spirit lives on the inside, what do we do?  Do we go on our way?  Do we accept this great sacrifice on the part of God and neglect our fellowship?  What do we do now?  The answer is very simple.  We seek to know Him and to understand what our responsibility is to Him.  This is where the “work” begins.  How do we really know God?   We know Him through studying His Word.

That is why we desire to have an emphasis on Christian education.  As a church, we are committed to equipping you and your family with the tools necessary to guide you through life with all of its difficulties and obstacles so you can be an overcomer!  We will all make mistakes in life; we will all sin, but learning how to deal with those difficulties becomes very important to our spiritual growth.  For these reasons we ask that you get involved in a Sunday School class.

On November 28, we started our new study centering on The Life of Christ.   Studying in this class environment will not only help your own faith, but will bring unity to Trinity Baptist Church as a body of believers working together in the ministry.  Together we can impact our church, our families, our communities and our world with the gospel of Christ.