In our recent Bible studies we have experienced revealing evidence of the power of an individual life.

As we have journeyed through the Book of Acts, we remember the influence of the Ethiopian eunuch, Saul, and Cornelius.

Our November adventure in the Word reinforces God’s provision of salvation for all people.

Acts, Chapter 8—ETHIOPIAN EUNUCH            –           PAGAN

Acts, Chapter 9—SAUL                                           –           JEW

Acts, Chapter 10—CORNELIUS                          –           GENTILE

The Word of God carries the account of the conversion of these three men.  Inside their conversion these men represent the known world at the time of Christ.  We understand the eunuch represents Africa, Saul represents the Middle East, and Cornelius represents Europe.

As we study the Bible and the lives and influences of these men, we must REMEMBER that we have influence in our day, as well.

Families will gather for Thanksgiving in a few days.  As Bible believers, we should be thankful people, every day.  God has given us so much and changed our lives.  Let’s remember to be thankful!

We should also remember that God gave each of us life, and with that life, influence.

How will I use my life, my influence?  Will I be light into someone’s world?  Can I be an encourager and not a person that discourages others?

Thanksgiving gives us all an opportunity to remember the blessings of God.

Thanksgiving also gives us an opportunity to be a friend, to be Salt & Light for someone that needs our Lord.

God could use you to make the difference in someone’s life for all eternity.

A person helped, a life changed, or a soul saved, that would be a November to Remember!

You are a blessing in my life and I am so THANKFUL FOR YOU!

You are loved,


Pastor Ralph

We welcome each one of you to Trinity today as we honor and thank our Veterans for their service to our nation.  Following the 10:45 service we will be providing a meal and a gift for each veteran who has been with us today.  Remember, FREEDOM ISN’T FREE; THANK OUR VETERANS!!

In II Timothy 2:1-4 we are admonished to, “…endure hardness, as a good soldierof Jesus Christ.”  In verse 4, Paul tells us to please Him who hath chosen us to be a soldier.  In God’s Word we have a plan and path to live the life of a good soldier even in these confusing, chaotic and hard times.

As a church family, a group of soldiers for Christ, let us work together to:

  • BE TOUGH/STRONG/ENDURE,  II Timothy 2:3,  II Corinthians 6
  • OBEY/TRUST OUR COMMANDER, John 14:15, John 15:14, Ephesians 6

November is the month that we focus on our Faith Promise Missions Program.  On October 24th we received a report from our missionary Karen Werth and collected a love offering of $1800.00 to purchase a motorcycle for Pastor Eddie in Indonesia.  Praise the Lord!  We also heard from Bro. Mark Logan and his special guest, Elton Wilson, from Malawi, Africa.  He has had his eye surgery and the doctor is pleased with his progress, but Elton has two more critical weeks for the retina healing. Please continue to pray.

We will hear from several of our missionaries throughout the remainder of the month and on Sunday, November 25th, we will collect our Faith Promise Giving cards to determine our missionary giving for 2019.

We welcome back our HOLYLAND TRAVELERS!  Our church family is anxious to hear the stories of your experiences as you walked where Jesus walked!

Working together,

Pastor Dwight

In the New Testament we read the teaching of Jesus. Some of His teaching concerned everyday life in this world.

We are reminded that we are of God, and the whole world remains in sin and darkness (I John 5:19).  We live in this world but this is not our home.

Jesus asked us to remain faithful until He returns.  One of the ways we can honor His Word is to be Salt and Light.

In Matthew, chapter five, Jesus is teaching about our part or our responsibility in the Christian walk. Notice His statements about us:

Ye are the salt of the earth (verse 13)

Ye are the Light of the world (verse 15)

The phrase, salt of the earth, could also be read salt of the land, or, you are the salt for where you live. Salt provides protection from spoilage. It is a preservative.

When we vote, we demonstrate our Biblical responsibility to be salt, to prevent corruption.

When we go into the world, we are to be light.  As salt is physical to our land (community), light is spiritual!

Light is used to guide, to illustrate, and to locate the right path.  Jesus is the light of the world, because He lives in us, we are to let our light shine in this dark world.

Part of pushing back the darkness and helping the future of our children and grandchildren is to go vote!

Please, register to vote!  Then go vote your faith and values.  You can help preserve a future of family values and pro-life with your powerful vote!

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph

What a wonderful Homecoming Sunday!  It was a great day of family, friends, food and fellowship.

It was amazing to see 16 serving lines in action at one time.  We had ribs and chicken, all kinds of sides and cobbler with ice cream.  We were blessed and full!

During the message we talked about “Being the Church,” and how important it is that we not just attend church but that we become the church every day.  When we live the love of Christ in front of scared, lonely, hurting people we do “Become the Church.”  You are a visible, real, and genuine Christian whether you are in the 10th grade, or a senior in college, or a co-worker in the office.  You get the idea?

Needy people are all around us.  People who need to be shown the love of Jesus and people who need to feel accepted and wanted in our fellowship of faith.

They need to drive up in front of our church and read:  “Welcome!”  “Come on In!”  “We are open!”

Come on in, we are still having church!  We are still singing, reading the Bible, listening to the choir, going to the mission field, and preaching and teaching from the pulpit.

We are still sharing the Word of God and giving to programs for our children and teens.  We really are a hospital of hope, and we still operate a life-saving station for those who need it.  We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We are church … Come on in!  You are welcome!

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph

Welcome Home!

I love that phrase. Welcome to the place where you are loved and appreciated.  This is home, this is where you belong. This is you, this is your heritage and this is your legacy.

My spiritual home is my place of praise and worship.  This is my church and my church family, the people I worship with. I don’t know all their names, but I do know we go to church together.

These are people of like faith, people of prayer, people known for their love and generosity. These are the people who are kind, loving and welcome all to join them in serving Jesus. These people are just like you. People that are not perfect, but are forgiven. People who know they have passed from death unto life, and who care and pray for each other.

WOW! What a blessing to know that in a world of confusion, in a culture in collapse, I have a home! I have a place of help, hope and comfort – my church.

This is why once a year we have Homecoming.  It is a time to remember what matters in life and a time to keep my feet on a firm faith foundation.  It is a time to affirm my love and support for the future.  Our legacy will be to insure the children and grandchildren of this church have a clear message of salvation from the pulpit and a clear vision of the mandate to be salt and light. Let’s be sure that they can enjoy what we have enjoyed for the past 52 years.

Trinity Baptist Church, a place to call home! Where we work together, pray together and give together to make a difference as we worship together.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you, as I serve the Lord!

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph