Can you believe it? It is only 42 days until Homecoming.  Not just any Homecoming, but our 50th Birthday! God has been so good to us and we want to thank Him!

The weekend of October 1st and 2nd will be a great time of celebration to remember our legacy and our responsibility to continue to have church for the next generation.

Please, please set these days aside so you can attend, and be sure to invite your family and friends.  Saturday, October 1st, will be our Family Day with vendors, displays, food, fun and fellowship.  We are planning a wonderful time of remembering and also making new memories.

In preparation of this special occasion we are printing a Jubilee 50th Year Memory Book.  Please think about sponsoring a special memory page or an honor page for someone you love.  Your business or work place can also sponsor an ad in this historic publication.  The very last day to reserve ads or honor pages will be Thursday, August 25th.

Trinity Baptist has been used by God to be a “Lighthouse on the Hill” and “salt” to our city.  Let’s keep working and praying together for the future of the next generation.

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

The calendar seems to be on high octane fuel! The weeks and months are flying by this year, and we have already come to Back to School Sunday.

This is a special weekend in our church family.  This Sunday starts the countdown to the beginning of a new school year.  Young ones are being registered for kindergarten, others are preparing for middle or high school, while some are packing to go away for that first year of college.

Families are buying school clothes and school supplies, pop-tarts and cereal and making plans for meeting the school bus.  All of us are headed back to the Monday-Friday morning rush!

We pay for clothes, supplies and school.  We prepare so we can help our children and grandchildren get off to a good start, knowing that a good education is the foundation for a good and productive life.

We pay, we prepare (all for sure), so let’s not forget to pray!

Let’s pray for the scared K-4 and K-5 students, experiencing their first time away from mom and dad.

Let’s pray for every car, van, and bus ride to and from school.

Let’s pray for our teachers to be able to touch all these young minds with a Biblical world-view.

Let’s pray for every student to be healthy to attend, nourished to learn and to be safe during the school day.

Psalm 27 speaks of the Lord being our strength for everyday living. We must band together in prayer!

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

What a wonderful week of Vacation Bible School!

God has blessed our students and our workers as the Chapel has been transformed into COWABUNGA!

As we make ready to wind down summer and prepare for school, we are strengthening every ministry in our church.  We are affirming that every person, whether member or visitor, is of great value to our Lord.  You are important!

In 1 Samuel 16:11, the scripture reads:  “And Samuel said unto Jesse, Are here all thy children?”

Samuel is pressing Jesse, are these all your children? Jesse answered, “There remaineth yet the youngest, and behold, he keepeth the sheep.”

In that culture, naming David as the youngest son was the same as calling him the insignificant one… the one not counting for very much.  When Jesse added that David was tending the sheep, that was a way of saying he has the job of a slave, forget him.

God didn’t forget David!  David was to be anointed and proclaimed King.  God designated David’s town as the spot where grace would invade this sinful world.  That was the place where Jesus would be born.

God sees what we don’t see.  Every person is someone for whom Christ died.  Every child, every teen, every adult, no matter their age, is important to God.

YOU ARE IMPORTANT!  We are serving the Lord together.

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

What is your biggest worry?  Is there a problem in your life you cannot solve?  Are you and your family facing a problem today that you cannot resolve?

KEEP PRAYING!  Don’t give up!  Don’t grow weary and stop praying, just KEEP PRAYING!

James 5:16 reads some new energy into our prayer life.  The latter part of the verse reads:

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

Whatever is our problem, concern or burden, we should pray.  In today’s world, the church (God’s people) must be a people of prayer!

But Pastor, “I have prayed before.” “Nothing ever changes.”  “I am about to give up!”

We can’t stop praying!  We must keep praying!  We must keep believing God’s Word and praying in faith!

The verse states that, “The effectual fervent prayer…”  This means a prayer of passion and a prayer of power.   EFFECTUAL prayer is the Greek word ENERGEO, showing a prayer that has the energy of the Holy Spirit living inside of you!

A prayer that is earnest and unwearied.  A persistent prayer that knows that our God is alive and hears our prayers.

We need divine help with the problems of our lives.  That help is found in prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord!

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

We continue to witness to a changing world and a country that has abandoned its walk with God.

One writer this week described our national and spiritual condition as a “cultural Gettysburg,” comparing our condition morally and politically to the time of the great struggle during the Civil War. Whoever won the war, America would never be the same.

This New York Times writer is not a pastor or even a Christian journalist, but he believes the nation is in trouble.  The nation will never be the same after this election.  The constitution’s purity and the appointment of three Supreme Court Justices will make changes, not for four years, but for 20 or 30 years into our future.

This time in our lives is a living illustration of darkness and light: whether we are walking with God or walking against God.

We are not seeking an easy or broad way. We are not looking for a politically correct answer for a hurting family or city, but we are faithfully pointing them to Jesus, our Lord and Saviour!

Dr. Warren Wiersbe wrote about being willing to accept the challenge to confront the enemy or righteousness.  Dr. Wiersbe wrote that we should be available to stand up for Biblical principles.

For his book, he taught from the book of Judges.  He compared the past to the present:

  • There is no King in Israel
  • People are doing what is right in their own eyes
  • God’s people can’t seem to work together
  • People are in bondage to various enemies in the world

When a man, woman, family, church, city, or nation turns from God, there will be heartache, rebellion, sin, and suffering. God’s hand of judgment is in our future!

Pray together for revival!

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette