911 Sunday

We welcome you to a special day of remembrance and honor.

The church family of Trinity Baptist sets this day aside to honor the men and women that serve our communities.

Today we recognize the dedicated emergency service personnel that serve Western North Carolina.  Every day, every night, seven days a week, these public servants sacrifice their time and talents to help at a moment’s notice, when you or a loved one dials 9-1-1!

We offer our appreciation to the men and women of law enforcement, emergency medical care and fire services.  We thank you for your dedication, your long hours of work and the hours of training required to do your job as you risk your lives for those of us whom you serve.

We salute you today, and we thank you for your call to protect and serve and for your family’s gift of YOU to our community.

Thank you!  God bless you and your families!

Pastor Ralph

Labor Day

Labor Day is a legal holiday celebration on the first Monday in September. This holiday is celebrated in the United States, Puerto Rico, The Canal Zone, and in the Virgin Islands.

For most of us, Labor Day means the end of summer.  It may also mean a day off work since Labor Day in its beginning was a day to honor working men and women.

Tuesday, September 5, 1882, was celebrated as the first Labor Day holiday in New York City.  In 1884, the first Monday in September was selected as the official holiday and the Central Labor Union urged other cities to honor their labor force.

As part of our Labor Day weekend we will have no 5 PM church tonight and close the church office.

As Bible Believers, we make up God’s labor force.  We, the redeemed, are the hands and feet of the Gospel of God. We are to be salt and light to this generation.  We labor each day for our Lord.  We tell the good news everywhere we go.  We are to never take a holiday or a vacation from being faithful to our Lord!

I want to express my appreciation for your love and prayers these past few weeks. You are a blessing in my life!

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph

Being Happy!


In our world of materialism it can be difficult to be happy.  The answer could be that it is not what truly makes us happy, but more that we think we have to have to make us happy.

Is it the next purchase? Is it the newest IPhone or video game that can make me happy?  Maybe it takes something bigger to make you think you are happy!  Could it be a new car, buying a new house or a deluxe vacation that would provoke happiness!

Happiness is being alive in Jesus, and knowing we have trusted Him for our salvation!  Happiness is being blessed with family and friends.  You have heard me say at least a hundred times… “All we really have on this earth is God and each other and we had better take care of each other!”

Happiness comes from how we approach circumstances and look at life.  “Stinking thinking” can ruin a great day!

Imagine having a group of friends over at your house. There is a mess to clean up, yes, but it means I have been surrounded by friends.  A huge heating bill can mean you were warm in the winter.  Even taxes can be a blessing; it means I have a job.

Be happy! We have the Lord and each other and you are loved,

Pastor Ralph

Student Ministry

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Church, for investing in our students!  My life and ministry, and the young people that served on Wednesday night during the service, are fruit of that investment.

Parents and grandparents, can I encourage you to please get your child or teen involved in the student ministries here at Trinity Baptist Church?  There are no perfect    programs or perfect people, but the opportunities they will receive of leading, learning, and loving, will follow them for the rest of their lives.  Giving students a choice is over-rated; love and lead your students during these pivotal years.

I am so proud to be the student pastor at Trinity Baptist Church.  Jessica and I are entering our 9th year in student ministry and are more determined than ever to disciple young men and women in God’s Word.

In His Service,

Pastor Nathan & Jessica

Back to School

NOOOO!! Say it is not so!  This is way too early!  We are not ready for school and for college!

It seems as if summer just got started and we are already talking about going back to school.   

I really am old school; I think school should start the first Tuesday after Labor Day.

The life lesson is very simple; here comes the calendar, ready or not!

We have to get ready on Sunday evening so we can jump up and go to work and school on Monday.  We make plans for Christmas and Thanksgiving.  They are all on our calendar.  Ready or not, we have appointments to keep.  We can dread April 15, but tax day shows up.  Don’t forget birthdays.  Yes, they keep coming, even if you are “39” or “49” and holding!

The truth is that back to school is just a step towards our ultimate joy, seeing Jesus.  It is a tiny reminder on our calendar of life.  We have an appointment to keep.

If you have children or grandchildren you have heard about what the children need to start school.  It is clothes, shoes, backpacks, school supplies and more.

Church family, they also need our extra love, our calm assurances over the new school year and our prayers!  Don’t forget prayers and compassion for the teachers.

Celebrate back to school with your Trinity Family as we pray the new school year off to a great start!

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph