From Our Pastor – What an unusual week in our world. The powerful news stories have assaulted our hearing every day. “America is crumbling and the world is spinning out of control!”

I have good news for you! Our God is still on His throne, Jesus is still coming back, and we are still in the family of faith!  The more we see the truths in II Timothy chapter 3 as they occur in the daily news, the more we understand how much we need the Lord in our lives. We need the comfort and control of God’s Word, and we need the help and healing of prayer!

As we see this pressure of life and our world on marriages, single parents, teens and our young adults, it is even more critical that the anchor and foundation for our families’ faith is our church. We need the Lord and we need each other.

As your pastor, I encourage you to be a part of fellowship whenever you can. Your best opportunity may be at 10:45am on Sunday or in small group studies with our men or ladies’ groups, but please take every opportunity that you can to fellowship with your church family.

The church has committed all its energy, resources and staff to make our Wednesday evenings a great time of family centered fun, delicious food and desserts as we enjoy our studies in the Word of God!

“I was glad when they said unto me, let us go unto the House of the Lord.”

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