From Our Pastor - Did you see that? WOW! It looked like a rocket going by, but I think it was just our summer! We were just starting spring planting, pulling weeds and stringing up beans and now we are picking vine ripe tomatoes and canning beans! It seems like we started at one side of the garden and before we could finish the row, we went from spring to summer to Back to School. Ouch! I just got the grill cleaned so we can cook out!

Back to School does have some good points, I just can’t think of any. I’m still too much of a kid at heart. I dream of an endless summer of campfires and fireflies, peach ice cream made on the deck, and grilling burgers at sundown.

I think we all feel like we need more time with our families and friends. Summer seems to remind us why we all work so hard – to care for people we love.

Back to School is also a spiritual reminder that it is the “seed time and harvest time” of young families. It reminds us that life has appointed days and accountability.

Parents and grandparents, don’t stay so busy that you miss the 18 summers of a child at home. “Back to School” may mean that we have 17 summers or two summers left, but remember that time and life wait on no one.  Make every day count for the Lord and invest your life in the people you love!

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