March 13, 2020

Trinity Baptist Church in Asheville, North Carolina is moving all services to an online experience only. All on-campus meetings are canceled until further notice as we take steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The following points were taken into prayerful consideration in making this decision.

    • Safety and health are our primary concern for you and your family.
    • The pastors have prayed over this decision with open hearts, considering all pertinent information. This was not a decision made in fear, rather in wisdom based on factual data.
    • The office staff and pastors will operate on a normal schedule and will be available to you via call, text, and email. We will continue to check on those in the hospitals and nursing homes by phone as they have strict “no visit” restrictions.
    • Continue to pray! We urge you and your family to earnestly pray for our community and our nation during this trying time. Pray for wisdom to be granted to the people on the front lines in healthcare and in government who are making decisions that impact us all.
    • Continue to participate! Services are NOT canceled; they will simply be online only. We encourage you and your family to worship with us in your own home through singing, preaching, and an opportunity to give your tithes and offerings, which will be vital in the continuation of Trinity’s ministry.
  • Stay encouraged! God remains in control of this entire situation, and we can rest in the comfort of knowing that our Lord is sovereign. We are not called to panic, but to pray!

2 Timothy 1:7
“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind!”