Our hearts were touched last Sunday with the presence of the Lord! It seemed there was a special hand of God upon each service.

The Lord touched our hearts for giving in both the morning and evening services.  That giving heart is a Christ-like heart.

In the morning service we gave for the persecuted Christians in Pakistan and in the evening we gave to help bury a young mother.

Many of you have read in the paper and seen on television the story of Candace Pickens.  Candace and her unborn child were murdered last week.  Her family reached out to us to see if we could help during this tragedy.  When we met Sunday night and explained the need, Trinity helped to provide a funeral for this mother, only 23 years old, and her baby.  Candace’s son, Zacchaeus, was also shot.  At the writing of this article, he is still fighting for his life in Mission Hospital.

Our faith and testimony is much more than our time on campus or in a church service.  It is what we are every day.  It is our life in front of our families and friends.  Our faith is to be “salt” and “light” to a hurting world.

The family of this young mother and her baby need to see the love of Christ in a cruel and brutal world.  There are people that love the Lord and love God’s children.

Thank you for giving!  Thank you for loving people.  Thank you for being faithful to Jesus in our home town!

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

Last week I spoke with a person who said, “I don’t have any friends.”  As we talked together I realized this person was missing “fellowship” in their life.

I reminded them of the importance of being a part of a church family.  When you walk in the door you can feel the love and welcome!  This is my church, I am a member, or, I want to be a member of this church.  Welcome to the FELLOWSHIP of Trinity Baptist.

There is a bond, a spirit of unity, when we sing together, fellowship together, pray together, study the word together and celebrate that we are a family in Jesus.  Your soul and spirit need the FELLOWSHIP of our church.  As we worship and work together we can make and grow friendships with other like-minded people.

Maybe you serve in the nursery or work as an usher or sing in the choir.  There are any number of places like a Sunday School Class, Ladies Ministry, or a workday at church that give you opportunity to make a friend.

A common interest of serving in a local fellowship has brought you together.  A desire to serve the Lord and grow spiritually gives you that common bond that can lead to friendship.

Muzette and I can testify that we met friends here at Trinity forty years ago with whom we have remained friends for a lifetime, with the joy of serving Jesus together!

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

The Lord God was talking to the people of Israel. The words of our Lord are recorded in Haggai Chapter 2,

“…And be strong, all ye people of the Land, saith the Lord, and work: for I am with you, saith the Lord of hosts:”

The House of Worship for the people in the Old Testament was the Temple.  In our lives today Jesus has moved the Temple inside of every believer.  We all come together to worship at our church.  This local church is our house of worship.

As in days past, the people still meet to worship and to work, both working on the House of God and doing works for our Lord.

Mark 13:34 records Jesus using a parable to illustrate our service to Him for this generation.  “A man taking a far journey,” leaves his estate, house and finances in the care of his servants.  Jesus notes the authority that is given to represent Him, and the work to be done until He returns.

What a wonderful week at Trinity!  Thank you for working and serving at the National Day of Prayer as our church and others gathered in downtown Asheville to pray.

Our Ladies’ Ministry has labored in prayer, meeting this week to pray for our church, our children, our city and country.  Some stayed until 9:30 PM, just to pray!

Men and women labored together this week to host a fundraiser for our church, working to repair and reclaim areas of overgrowth and to clean and to beautify our campus.  Others cooked and prepared meals for the scores of volunteers who worked together at the House of Worship.

Thank you for your service to our Lord!

Growth is a sign of health.  When children are born, the first weeks and months are very important for their health and development.  The baby has to grow and develop everything from tiny lungs to an expanding brain as they also grown in life experiences.  If any of this were to stop, it would be unhealthy.

The baby would be examined by the family doctor for added weight and other signs of growth.   If none were found, there would be great concern about this baby’s development. The baby’s medical chart would read, “A failure to thrive.”  Treatment plans would be developed to care for and help this child grow and live.

The same is true spiritually!  We must pray and ask the Lord to teach us to help us grow and mature.  You don’t want to be at the same spiritual weight you were on the day you trusted Jesus for salvation.  We must desire to grow into men and women of faith. We must spend time with God!  We have to read God’s Word, pray, attend church and seek fellowship with friends of faith.

You must feed your spiritual man.  The things of this world will not feed your soul!  A fire cannot burn without wood.  The spiritual food is fuel for your fire (your spiritual passion.)  Our desire to serve the Lord, our passion to see people come to Christ and our burden to pray for family, friends, church and nation all grow out of that revival spirit in our hearts.

Spending time alone with God is the first stop on the path to spiritual growth.
Thank you for being faithful!

Power of Pentecost
Think about the day of Pentecost and the events of that day. Think of the mighty rushing wind and the cloven tongues of fire with each person hearing the message in their own language. This was the birth of the church, the body of Christ, with lives changed forever.
Dr. James Stewart wrote, “…the miracle of Pentecost, was the sudden transformation of the disciples from weak, fearful, timorous men to powerful, confident witnesses to Christ and His resurrection.”
Think about it, “…those commonplace fishermen and tax-gathers were turned into prophets, teachers, and flaming heralds!”
Notice the crowd, the people in the city. They cried out in wonder, asking what had happened. A holy hush fell on the people as the spirit of God began to speak through Peter. Acts 2:12 states, “…they were all amazed and were in doubt saying one to another, what meaneth this?”
Some accused them of being drunk. Their lives had a dramatic change that no one could explain it. It was power! Power from another world! It was not the power of religion, or ritual, or reason; it was the supernatural power of God!
Our prayer today is, Oh Lord, do it again! Please visit us for fresh tears and vision. Please give us a burden for this generation with fresh oil and revival for power in our personal lives and the life of our church!