News reports frequently carry stories of people who get into trouble or are even jailed because of “things.” One recent story involved Air Jordan tennis shoes and another was about a young man stealing the cell phone of a lady just killed in an accident. We need to remember what matters in life, especially the value of our family, our friends and our faith.

Experts tell us that we need to repeat a certain behavior for 21 days to develop a good habit. So give each family member a hug for 21 days in a row, to become a habit. Pray for your wife or husband every day, pray for your children and friends by name to develop the good habit!

Think about what really matters in the light of eternity. What matters? A hundred years from today, will this thing or this worry on my mind really matter?

Our families will matter and their relationship with the Lord will matter. It matters where they will spend eternity! Each life and soul has value.

familyLet’s take time to determine what we can do to change the lives of the people we love.
Look for opportunities for new good habits, like trying to eat dinner together as a family for seven days in a row. Take each of your children and grand-children out to breakfast (individually) for a year. Take your spouse out on a “dialogue date” (that means turning off the phone and talking to each other.) You could even pick two or three nights a week to have no internet or TV in your evening, just the value of people in your life. More to come!

A Little Space
Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning I watched the election returns. I kept the remote warm, moving from channel to channel, looking for the latest returns, exit polls and the opinion of all the professional news staff.
Why? Why the concern? Was it just a symptom of being a news junkie or was it something else? Was it, maybe, hoping there would be evidence of a thread of values and a concern about the direction of a nation that seems to be turning against God and against the nation of Israel?
Monday night, while visiting in Asheville, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott declared, “We must not turn our backs on God or on the Nation of Israel!”
As the returns started to come across the news desks of the networks, exit polls and citizens began to say out loud what we all have been thinking…
“We are going in the wrong direction!”
Many of us have prayed for our nation and tried to remind others of the faith of our founding fathers. Our nation was born by men and women who prayed and asked God for His help.
The results of this election that has changed the US House, the Senate, and the majority of our nation’s governors may be our opportunity to see a spiritual renewal in our nation.
Ezra 9:8 says:
“And now for a little space grace hath been shewed from the Lord our God”… Why? To …“Give us a little reviving in our bondage.”
This could well be our “little space” to reach our family and friends for Jesus!

A message from Pastor Sexton about today’s election! Please take time to vote on November 4!
(This message was first posted on Facebook.)

Go Vote Today from Trinity Baptist Church-AVL on Vimeo.

During this past week we have witnessed God blessing our church with a powerful time in His Word. The scriptures confirm God’s love for us, as well as the fact that God has a plan for us. When we take time to think and to reflect, we see God’s Gift of Freedom that He has provided to us.
There is a sense of urgency when we see our country and the moral condition of our community. We must reaffirm our faith and renew our efforts to be “salt”.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus said that we, the followers of Christ, are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. The salt represents our lives in our community, school, and work place. The salt is to preserve, heal and to keep healthy. That salty taste is to be exhibited in all that we do, and in the morals, faith, and values that we preserve for another generation.

The light that Jesus speaks of in His teaching is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, where He tells us, “…Ye are the light of the world.” This world is in darkness and has no hope! Jesus said if we live faithful in front of men, we can offer Hope and Help as we light their way toward Jesus.
Please! Please! Protect our freedoms! Protect the right to meet together! Protect the right to free speech! Protect our religious freedoms!

The most powerful act of kindness and compassion is to share your faith. Jesus taught that we are the light of the world. After we believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ, Jesus moves in, darkness moves out and we are made over!

According to the Word of God, “…Old things pass away, and all things become new.” The darkness of our sins is driven out by the power of God’s Word. The new nature after salvation is represented by the light of the world!

“Jesus the light of the world…”
“Let your light shine…”
“We are to be salt and light…”
“His Word is a lamp (light) unto my path…”

Our Lord reminds us not to hide or cover our spiritual light. In VBS we sing, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” What’s that next line? “Hide it under a bushel? No! I’m gonna let it shine!” To allow our light to shine, we must share our faith. As we strive to be a faithful witness with a faithful life, we allow our lives to be read by those who are still living in darkness and fear, sharing a bright light! While I was preaching in a Bible Conference in Texas recently, I heard of a young lady who invited her friend to attend the conference with her. Her friend attended on Friday night and returned again on Saturday. She was broken to tears, repented, believed and trusted Jesus for her salvation. Then the two friends invited their BFF to attend the conference on Sunday, and she was saved in the Sunday night service! This is an example of the compassion of caring and the concern of sharing. Two young ladies, 22 and 24 years old, were saved because their friend shared the Light!